Starting something new is really challenging. Whether you are aiming for a career, going back to school, becoming a parent, moving to a new plans, ending a relationship or starting life as a single person, making huge life transition can feel overwhelming.
It may feel like you completely starting over – as though everything you have worked for until this moment is all waste. It may feel as though you should have made the transition long ago and that now you have accumulated a bunch of skills that mean nothing in the new life you are headed toward. You may start to doubt yourself, thinking “I have made decisions in the past that felt wrong for me. if this new life is not actually what I want or need?” You starts to look around and starts comparing yourself to your heroes – people who have found success doing what you intend to do. You kick yourself for not being as good, as happy or as confident as they are.

But EVERYONE has a first day.

Every person in your life that seems like they have got it all together has had to tackle his or her own day one. Though the current moment feels like a mountain that towers over you, It will soon become a part of your memory; in three months, in three years, in three decades you will look back on this moment and you will be surely grateful for where it has led you.

Allow yourself the grace of being beginner for something. Allow yourself a fresh start without the expectation that you have to immediately “be the best” at whatever you are starting. Try something new and fully embrace whatever discomfort it brings up in you, journal your feelings so you have perspective in six months when you feel like you are on the top of world again !!!

Make each day your masterpiece !

-john wooden


As soon as you die, Your identity becomes a BODY. People use phrases like “Bring the Body” , “Lower the Body in the Grave Yard” etc. People don’t even call you by your name whom you tried to impress whole life. Live a life to impress Creator, not the Creation.

Take chances… Spend money on things you love… Laugh till your stomach hurts… Dance even if you are too bad in it… Pose stupidly for photos… Be child like…

Always follow your heart and the most important is never have any regrets. Don’t hold anything back. Say what you want to say, and do what you want to do, because sometimes we don’t get second chance to say or do what we should have the first time around.

So, Hate no one, no matter how much they have wronged you. Live humbly, no matter how wealthy you become. Think positively, no matter how hard life gets. Give much, even if you have been given little. Forgive all, especially yourself. And never stop praying best for everyone.

Be grateful for every second of every day that you get to spend with the people you love. Life is very precious.

Memories are priceless treasures that we can cherish forever in our hearts.


Death is not the greatest loss in life. Loss is when life dies inside you while you are alive.

So, celebrate this event called LIFE.

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